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Contact information in English



Addresses and other contact information for Stjørdal municipality
Town hall opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 15:00
Visit the municipal administration:
Kjøpmannsgata 9
Postal address:
Stjørdal kommune
7500 Stjørdal
This is used for general questions and inquiries that do not contain sensitive/personal information or needs procedural management.
Sending documents by e-mail is not considered a safe or secure way of communication, and can often be sent straight to the spam-filter. By using the service eDialog, Stjørdal Kommune can provide you with a safe and secure alternative for digital communication. 

This is used for questions and inquiries that has sensitive/personal information and/or requires procedural management. Follow this link to use eDialog.

Phone number: +47 74 83 35 00

The administration is located in the Town hall, Kjøpmannsgata 9, and will answer inquiries to the municipality, and offer guidance and information.
Organization number:
Oppdatert: 01.02.2017 14:22
Stjørdal Kommune
Postboks 133, Kjøpmannsgt. 9, 7501 Stjørdal | Telefon: 74833500 | eDialog | E-post: | 939958851 | Følg oss på Facebook Facebook
Åpningstider: Man-fre 08:00-15:00 | Nettstedskart
Stjørdal Kommune
Postboks 133, Kjøpmannsgt. 9, 7501 Stjørdal. Telefon: 74833500. E-post: 939958851. Følg oss på Facebook Facebook