Local measures

Local measures

New measures from 18 November and 20 November

From Wednesday 18 November

  • we open for training in our own municipality for children and youth sports / culture. We also ask that parents refrain as much as possible from contact with each other in connection with these trainings. We also ask the sports teams in advance to make sure once more that the infection control routines can be complied with.
  • we open our sports halls and the swimming pool and try to limit mingling among adults in and around the halls.
  • the schools are set from red to yellow emergency level.

From Friday 20 November

  • we open for visits to residential centers, institutions and round-the-clock care homes. The care agency will use the week to review the routines for visitor control which will be tightened.
  • we open Kimen, including cultural school education and youth club and we also tighten our routines here.

This also means that we are still a municipality with still strict measures

  • That you still make lists of who you meet.
  • That we still for the time being recommend keeping closed for organized training / corps for adults.
  • That you take home office as long as the job allows it.
  • That you still remember to notify people you have been in contact with if you are contacted by an infection team or experience symptoms yourself.


Local measures up to and including 16. November

The 9-day time periode we invited to on Wednesday has been extended in both time and scope. From Friday 6. November, there is a 10-day periode that extends until and including Monday 16 November. 


  • We stay at home and avoid socializing.
  • We use home offices if the job allows it.
  • We avoid public transport and use masks in situations where we can’t keep the 1-meter rule
  • We make a list over all our close contacts.
  • We notify people we have been in contact with, if we are contacted by infection teams or experience symptoms.
  • All residential centers, institutions and homes for people with disabilities are closed for visits
  • The town hall is closed for non-arranged visits.
  • All sports and cultural events for both adults and children are canceled.
  • The municipality's swimming and sports halls are closed.
  • High school, all secondary and primary schools are on red alert.
    Read more about the traffic light model and level division 


Additional measures

There might also come further measures, extensions and local adaptations until Monday 16. November. What we are doing now we hope will be sufficient to allow our infection team, time and resources to keep tracking and calling people who might be infected in Stjørdal municipality.